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According to his Deviantart, he's calling everyone liars... Which begs the question, who is honestly so inept to believe that several people who by all rights live nowhere near one another, and who have similar experiences, and of course do not know each other are ALL lying? There's at least two people who have spoken to me [but wish to stay anonymous], one of which also received the "I sent it to the wrong address" excuse, but has yet to see any money from the commissioner. He's actually blocked contact and stopped responding to her, who paid him a LOT of money for various props.

All I've got to say is, there's no way all these people could be lying. No way. Sorry, but that's just not possible and I'm not buying it. If you sent people their commissions and actually put effort into making them instead of sending blocks of poorly painted undetailed and unsanded wood, you might not be in this predicament.
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