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Thumbs up Confirmation (albeit a late one)

I can happily confirm that the site is 100% legit, and the dresses are actually of a pretty decent quality compared to some Anime Cosplay gear that I've bought in the past (Zaraki Kenpachi from Bleach for example, the fabric of which was very rough).

For proof, here is a link to the dress I just bought for my lil sisters birthday, as she had recently expressed an interest in lolita fashion: and here, a link to a facebook pic of her wearing it (direct image link to protect her identity): jpg

Sam, the guy who runs the store, while not entirely fluent in English grammatical structure (I'm guessing native Chinese based on the origin listed on the parcel), came across as very friendly in the E-mails he sent me.

The two week lead time on orders would also seem to be pretty accurate, my order was actually a few days into the third week when I received the tracking info, but Sam did make a point of apologizing, which I appreciated.

All in all, I think cosplay-costume is a very good service, which I would highly recommend, and plan to use in the future, when I get around to ordering a dress or two for myself for Lolita Crossplay use!!
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