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Whats going on with

There are few mentions of them around the site here, and that they are not responding to emails, but I've not found any real info, so I apologise if this has already been asked.

Okay, so..does anyone know what has happened to I sent them payment of 115 in February for a cosplay and they took the payment and now...nothing. I've sent them emails and all I get in an automated response saying they are busy and will respond asap. I went to their site today and it seems to have been taken down. Does anyone know what the hell is going on with them? They told me I'd get my costume by May 25th in time for a con on the 27th, but I've heard nothing and the fact that their site is down is worrying.

Does anyone else know whats going on with these guys? I've commissioned from them before a few years back and they were great but now I'm worried I've been scammed out of 115. :/ If something is honestly, genuinely wrong with someone from the Dream-Angel team and they can't work or finish commissions, thats fine, I'd just like to know so I know I'm not being left in the lurch.

Anyone else having problems with them?

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