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Oh they have been nothing but a pain lately. I commissioned my Rinoa duster and Selphie dress from them in 2007/08 and apart from a few niggles with the costumes themselves I had no problems with them. They responded to emails and I got my commissions on time.

However lately I have noticed people complaining about them being slow to respond to emails and not getting the costumes finished for the customer's deadlines. I still went ahead and commissioned my Claire Redfield jacket from them this year. I paid in January with a deadline for 15th March. They confirmed payment and promised progress reports. I emailed at the end of Feb asking how it was going and they had barely started -_- As it was getting close to my deadline I was told they had messed up and would need to start again and it was possible I wouldn't get it on time (luckily I gave the deadline as 2 weeks before the event). They then LIED about the date they shipped my jacket and the jacket itself... It was terrible. I would be embarrassed to wear it in the state it was in so I had to spend a lot of time trying to make it somewhat acceptable. I emailed to complain and because they owe me a refund for the shipping but as expected have heard nothing back.

They were just brought to my attention again today as a fellow UK cosplayer has heard nothing back from them on a commission and they noticed their website is now gone! I checked their ebay store just now and there is nothing listed for sale when they usually always have a few items up.
This seems dodgy... Like they've just cut and run.
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