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Originally Posted by jjcpammc09 View Post
Could anyone tell me how they made their Chun Li cosplay? I would like to do the one with the skirt.
This may be helpful for any default Chun-Li dress...

I used McCall's 4369 pattern as a base an modified it as follows (it is currently out of print).

After making a muslin mock up, I doubled the height of the collar. The puff sleeves can be made by either enlarging the included pattern or using a puff sleeve from a separate design. I wanted my sleeves to be quite large, so I made muslin mock-ups until the desired size was achieved. In addition, I stuffed my sleeves with fiberfill (if you choose to go this route, the sleeves will be lined with the pattern included with M4369).

The muslin allowed me to see how high I wanted the leg cutouts. With pencil, I drew the lines on and cut accordingly. I also took the time to roughly draw the swirly patterns so I would have a guide to for my final dress. I appliqued the gold designs, but it is very time consuming and at times, aggravating. I have made a second Chun-Li variant (black and red, for Otakon), and the applique portions were much easier this time
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