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Originally Posted by Meiki View Post
I have to be honest here, you may well be telling the truth. But, you set up your account today and have only made one post, which doesn't make you look very reliable.

To clarify, let me state, when I first found cosplay-costume just over a month ago, I, like I would assume the OP, googled something to the effect of " reviews", which happened to bring me here to this thread.

After reading the thread and realizing that no one had yet posted saying they had actually bought something, I ultimately decided to buy one dress (the one for my sister) having originally planned to by 3 in total (2 for myself), as a sort of test the waters purchase.

When that "gamble" (paypal dispute system is pretty reliable from what I hear...) paid off, and the dress arrived in good condition, I simply remembered this thread, and on the off chance that the OP was still interested, I thought I would be a "Good Samaritan", and post a response.

Obviously, not already having an account having never used the site before, I was forced to make one first, hence why, as you stated, I had only set up the account that day, and only had one post.

If you don't want to believe me, then fair enough, at the end of the day I know that if you choose not to use cosplay-costume then that's just your loss, not that really it matters, but I do find it somewhat disappointing that you would be so distrusting of someone just because they are new.

I doubt I'm going to actually post on this forum again any time soon, just like I only rarely post on the 80+ other forums (yes, I'm entirely serious, I just skimmed through FF4 password manager counting them) that I have accounts on, each with only a handful of posts, I just don't regularly bother with forums.

If more forums would adopt anon posting methods, then I wouldn't need to create so many accounts, but the fact is, I'm the type of person who occasionally reads forum posts found in results of a google search query, and if I have an opinion I feel is worth contributing, I will damn well create an account just for a one off use in order to do so, seriously, it takes me less than 30 seconds to fill in a registration form, submit it, and then verify the account through the email confirmation, if it wasn't for captcha codes, I could probably do it blindfolded!
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