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Originally Posted by Rexluna View Post
I feel dumb for asking this, but seeing as how I can't really start on Hawke until Fanime is over (which is in two weeks), I might as well ask xD

At Fanime, I obviously won't have Hawke done, but the only costumes I have are Vocaloid. I'm kinda sad I couldn't manage more variety (shit happens). So I thought for a day (or part of one), I could wear my Hawke with with her make-up and wear something casual. I just don't know what to wear. I did just buy a Dragon Age 2 shirt today with Garrett Hawke on it. That might be funny xD
I'm kind of in the same boat, Rex! I don't think I can get my last costume finished for Acen, so I'm cooking up a last minute casual Dragon Age costume. I'd say do it for the lols, thats what I'm planning for

Also, here is an update on my armor >< I have all the leg pieces painted, just need to attach straps on them...but I am going to bed lol
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