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Originally Posted by misoshiru View Post
@Tsukeru: I'm sure Dragon Kid will have an episode featuring her soon..Origami Cyclone is getting his episode 8 I hear, so hers will probably be sometime after that. Her headgear seems pretty intimidating to make it suitable (and light enough) for wearing in my opinion haha.
I had heard about the "individual" episodes about the characters last week. I'm glad they aren't just minor characters like they're made out to be in the beginning. I am a bit curious by Origami Cyclone's episode by what happens. I just hope it's a 25 episode series.

As far as her outfit, I agree. That's one reason why I may or may not do her. (Let alone the staff that she has too.) Though, I'm sure there is ways around it. I was leaning towards craft foam possibly for the head piece. But I'm not even sure if I want to cosplay her yet until her episode airs.
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