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So I've been busy todayyyy... I finished the bodysuit only to make the feet bits far too small, haha. It'll be covered by leather bits so I'm not really worried or freaking over it. No pics of the whole suit unfortunately. I'll have to get my friend to take some tomorrow for me.

Speaking of, tomorrow I have to start the legs all. over. again, but that's alright. It'll be easier with this new method instead of sewing and hurting myself. It's nice to finally get some things done!

Haha, I have a love/hate thing for Cullen. He's sweet and I love his VA, but I've been kind of off-and-on 'ehhhhh' with his whole 'mages are evil durr' bits in the first game.

@ Muramasa ] - I think your crown looks great! Maybe it could use some texture/weathering, but even then that's just miniscule details.

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