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Originally Posted by Stina006 View Post
omg meeeeeeeeeeeeee. XD i eat it at this awesome veitnamese grill and sushi bar by my house. it's cheap ad the owner looks like he was in the Yakuza XD
which one do you like? my favorite is the Pho Hanoi with raw Beef and well done brisket
i spread hoisen and sirachi on it...and then i mix my sushi wasabi with the lemon in my water......with soy sauce in there too....
for desert i usually share --Che xoi nuoc--
*dessert consisting of balls made from mung bean paste wrapped in a shell made of glutinous rice flour.*

oh god i'm so wanting it right now DX

-i'm having a nice lemon chicken with spinach and basil with italian dressing on it yumyum...
i'd rather have pho...but it's way too many calories for me T_T
Somehow, it's a personal turn off to find place just slab on the sushi to their restaurant. Fast Food Chinese & Sushi, Thai & Sushi.... I'm just glad I haven't seen any Mexican Food & Sushi...

I want southern food for some reason, candied yams and nicely cooked mustard greens
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