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Name of Commissioner Loserific

Website/ gallery deviantART

Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.) Darry from Gurren Lagann (Kiyal's Magical Time variation)

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item

None yet, probably ever. A few progress pictures in the Cons section though.

Timeline (how long your order took to process) Posted an ad back on September 8th with a deadline for Anime LA 2011. That convention was January 7-9, 2011. Today is May 17th, and still no costume.

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.

Pros: Offered to deliver my costume as we live nearby each other

Cons: Missed the deadline by several months, communication is extremely delayed and iffy, works on other things before the commission (misplaced priorities), didn't pay close attention to the details in the reference art, haven't received item 4 and a half months past the deadline


I asked her specifically for a quote the day I posted that ad, linking it to her. She said she could do it, and we discussed fabric choices, etc. She kept insisting upon a certain type of satin, and I kept saying I didn't want it to be shiny at all. She swore to me it wouldn't be shiny, so I dealt with it.

After I sent the first payment, communication dropped out a bit. Not wanting to badger her, I decided to give her some space and not bug her. As the convention drew closer to the deadline, I decided to send her some messages. She'd take a few days each time to respond, and tell me she hadn't started yet. She was too busy working on "other things". For example, costumes for herself, her friends, for some... music video, I think? Regardless, everything but my costume was her priority. I didn't mind, though, as long as she got it done on time. She swore to me about ten times she never misses a deadline.

So i waited. She told me she was going to Anime LA, since she lives in LA, and could deliver me the costume then. I was a bit excited for this, since I wouldn't have to pay shipping.

Well, a few days before the convention, she told me she was working on it, and it was going great. I should just bring the second half of my payment to the convention and get it from her. So at the convention, I arrived in what I was wearing with the costume (shoes, wig, and a tshirt and shorts to wear under it). I waited in the lobby, hoping she'd recognize my wig and find me.

I waited for about two hours. She said she'd be there early. So, while waiting, I checked my phone's internet to browse

She sent me a message that morning. Saying she didn't finish the costume, was very sorry, and was no longer attending the convention. She said she "tried" to make it, and it came out way worse than planned, and she didn't want me wearing something this terrible.

So now I had no costume for the convention. I had to call a friend of mine, crying, and she brought me an older costume of mine to wear. Regardless, it was huge bullshit. I demanded a refund. She told me she "couldn't" refund me, since she already bought the fabric. But she'd finish it and give me a discount on the second payment. Pissed, I told her not to talk to me for awhile. She said she understood.

Now I was a bit less "happy" with her. I sent her a message two weeks later, saying I wanted the costume ASAP. She said no problem, she would get it done. I admit, I was bitchy at this point. She single handedly ruined that first day of the convention for me. If she had told me a few days earlier she hadn't finished it, I would have been happier. But no. She waited until the very last second when she knew I would be at the convention. Our messages had been happy and informal up to that point. Now all our messages were more formal and very less happy.

So every few weeks, I'd send her a message and ask how it was going. Again, she had too many other things to do and hadn't even started working on mine again. On February 22nd, she said:

Hello, thanks again for being so patient. I should have some progress within the week. I have honesty just been swamped with other work. If I do not have the costume complete by March 18th, I will give you a full refund.
Then on March 14th:

Hey, I'm still planning to ship it this Friday. I'll have some progress shots tomorrow afternoon. Thanks again for being so patient with me.
No progress shots. I bug her again later, she on the 23rd she says:

I am extremely sorry for my delay again. I truly feel absolutely horrible. You shouldn't have to this wait this long, but I can honestly say that I have been working really hard to get everything done between your order and others. I am very close to finishing it up and am so far really happy with how it's turning out. Here's some progress shots from a couple of days ago:
Okay, looking good. I say it looks good and I await the finished product soon. We discuss shipping. She said she'd drive to my place in SoCal to deliver it to me or ship it to me for free. Weeks pass. April 12th, I get a message that she's "finishing it up" and going to ship it soon. She hasn't finished because she was visiting her mother.

Thats the last message I got from her. Frustrated, I stalk down her posts and find out she's been hosting some event in LA. Hosting an event rather than finish my commission. Priorities fail much? So I send her an email, deviantART note, and message. At this point, demanding the refund she promised me weeks ago, and threatening to expose her for the scammer she is on this site. A few days later, I get a response to the deviantART message. She said she wasn't a scammer, and asked my address so she could ship it out. She also told me she'd ship it for free, and I wouldn't have to pay the second payment or shipping. I wanted either the dress or the refund at this point.

So anyways. No dress. A week passes. On May 6th, she says she has had "issues with funds" and had to delay shipping it to me. She sent me an email this time, rather than or deviantART messages. She sent progress pictures (not complete like she said) of the before and after dresses.

Before: [1]
After: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Well, she screwed up big time on part of the dress. See the arrows at the bottom? They're supposed to be diamonds. I point this out to her, and she pretty much tells me she can't fix it, and she hopes its not a big deal. I tell her its not a HUGE deal, but I'm really disappointed.

Now she dropped off the face of the earth again until yesterday, in which she asked me again for my address. I told her right before typing this up.

Comments: Its a sad thing for me to know chinese sweatshops are more reliable than commissioners.

Final Grade: F-

Update 5/23: Still no costume, when supposedly shipped a week ago. And she lives in LA, so it shouldn't take longer than 3 days to arrive.
Update 6/16: Received costume today. Date on stamp says she mailed it yesterday.

So. The costume. Here's some photos of it on me: [1] [2]

See the shadows under my butt area? Yep. Thats my butt. She made it two inches shorter than the measurements I provided. The front is the correct length, but the back is TWO INCHES shorter than the front. It makes an odd shape when it does that, which is super odd.

The lining is black when she said she was going to make it red. That was disappointing. The red's edges are coming up and off with threads; she didn't hem or whatever you call it the edges. The strings are coming off...

When I opened the box, three buttons fell out. Seems she just hot glued the buttons on so half of them fell off before she shipped it, and she didn't fix that.

Like I said before, the diamonds on the scarf are triangles. Didn't fix that. The sleeves are a tad short, but thats not too bad. The collar is also an odd shape. Why in the world did she make it confine to my shoulder shape like that? Thats not how it looks in the reference, so its a bit odd. The yellow on the sides are also a different color than decided; I said to make them a yellow gold, but they're a blatant yellow color. And really uneven on the edges.

For positives? Its pretty nice regardless of those problems. It fits me nicely. The material is thick and comfy. The collar has interfacing in it so it stands up nicely. The zipper, while not totally even, looks really nice. Its a double zipper so it goes up, and zips from both the bottom and top. It is fully lined.

I'd give the costume itself about a C. It'd have a B if my butt wasn't showing. Now I'll need to wear some pretty long black shorts and have to deal with people making comments that my skirt is too short *sigh*

So in all, her grade is up to a D+
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