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Murasama, I think the crown is looking great! I think the gold rub-n-buff is a good idea... it might add just that extra little bit of depth to give it the right patina.

Lissiekun, I think the makeup over the tattoos really works! It gives them that "under-the-skin" kind of look.

Palaven... That's a really clever idea for the shoes! I never really thought about the fact that Merrill and Fenris are actually walking around barefoot before. Bare feet on the floor of the Hanged Man? That's a disturbing thought. :P

Also... it's official now... I've been convinced I should make an Isabela costume for DragonCon. So now I've got a little under 4 months to put this thing together! I've got a good start; snagged this on Ebay for less than $10. It just needs a little tweaking and the right corset!
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