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I'm new to ACEN but I'm wandering the con's dealerships, artist alley's, video game rooms and other events looking lost with a sweet butt camera.

I'm looking for random people to stop me, as much as I stop them, to give me a moment of their time to grab some pictures. I'll be posting them up on a FB page(oh hai! It's right here! Friday(corrected) :: Saturday (Page 1, Page 2, Page 3) :: Sunday ) for everyone to see and comment.

I'm going to apologize ahead of time in case I don't know what anime/manga/video game you're from. That's why FB is so awesome. You can comment yourself in and tag yourself, etc. Also, you can FB message me if you want your picture sent to you in raw format.

Finally--how to find me for shots of you!: If you participate or happen to see a giant photoshoot opportunity, text me. You can find the # on a video in my fb page(I'm so cryptic). This way I'm not getting spam from posting it on the forums. If you see me carrying around a clear acryllic ball(like in Labyrinth), stop me? You're welcome to use it as a prop. I will take as much time as I can with you to take a picture you 'n I can both agree on.

I lost my voice prior to coming to the con. >_< it hurts to talk. So, I'd rather not try 'n yell when even if I do, all you hear is a harpy's screech. D: Yell at me, ty!

Thanks in advance 'n happy acen?

P.S. I'm certain that you need a FB account to view, tag or post comments on those galleries. Sorry!
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