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If any of you are going to Anime Weekend Atlanta this year, a couple of friends and I shall attempt to put together a Dead Tired group (The name of the line of dolls in pajamas, so, basically pajama-wear, haha) and we're trying to get every character! So far we have myself as Draculaura, a Ghoulia, and a Lagoona. So yeah, if any of you are going to that particular con, we should totally do this! :>

Also, to the cosplayer wondering about how to do Draculaura's wig- Did you figure out a way? For myself, I was thinking of buying the Innocent wig from Amphigory, straightening the pigtails and styling them to be all bouncy like hers are, and then buying a few strands of the pink Manic Panic hair strips to put into it. It's going to be quite expensive, so that's why I'm asking if you figured out an easier way!
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