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DM7DragonFyre = It shouldn't take 20 minutes to load a photo, even on a very slow connection. Likely, your photos are too large a file and are confusing the uploader, but we don't know for sure unless you attach the files in question to this thread so we can look at them directly.

seawaterwitch = Your phantom images have been deleted. ^_-

marmitelj = See the first post to learn how to attach the photo to this thread so we can see it.

Sakaiyo = It's probably changed already for everyone else, but stuck in your own browser cache. (What is it supposed to be?) Hold down the shift key while pressing reload to fix that.

Onirica = No fix on the date issue has been posted yet. (Some of my own photos are victims of that bug, too.) From what I can see on my end, the large size does seem to be the same image as the small version though. Is this what the image is supposed to look like?

Enigma R Draven = I think I answered your question in the other thread.

Zenyslev = All your phantom images are cleared.
Also, all uploaded photos are added to the uncategorized category by default, unless you first create your own personal albums to stick them in. You can make as many of your own albums here =
…and then, once the albums are created, those options will be available to stick past and future photos in. (For the old photos, just click on the "Edit Photo" on the left side underneath your photo caption.)

Kurokaze Ame = PhotoShop (or any other Adobe program) or even whatever your default image viewer is. You should be able to select an exactly even square by holding down the shift key while selecting. Then crop it and resize it to 200 pixels. There are also a bunch of online avatar/icon makers out there, too.
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