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Originally Posted by Palaven View Post
Guess who did some stuff? I finished styling my wig, got some progress on my shoes, and my ears came in! They're a bit smaller than I thought they'd be, but that's alright since I have such a small face, haha.

I'm pretty urked since I just found out I have to redo the leg bracers entirely. Not cool.

@ hmwsg x] - Offtopic, but I saw your Aria cosplay on a video today! I saw pics of a Flemeth -at- Acen, but they were so blurry I couldn't tell if they were you or not, haha. If only I can remember where I found them.
If its the same video, Flemeth is in it too! I'm with my friends who cosplayed Varric and Alistair and we are 2:38 in. Thats a shame that the photos are blurry I'm still having a hard time finding photos.

Your poptab chainmail looks awesome, too! Are they hard to move around in so far?
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