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So I'm stumped with this costume, once more. I'm trying to tackle to belt buckle bits, but I don't know what I should make them out of. My options are craft foam, or expanding foam. I'm thinking the latter, but I'm unsure if I can even attach it to the leather without it falling off. Do you guys have any ideas/opinions?

@ hmwsg x ] - Maybe it was the same video? I think so. You guys looked wicked awesome from what I saw. (Was not in awe of pretty props, btw)
It's actually quite easy to move in my chainmail and it's comfortable too! I think it's because my stretch fabric underneath has a lovely texture.

@ Xavietta ] - Thank you! I think I have about 1000 or so pop tabs sitting around, and it may not be enough, but I'm getting more haha. Your Leliana boots look really good btw!

@ Lady Mura ] - Thank you!

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