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Thanks Xav and Font We wished we had a longer run time, too. But my friend made a gif of our clip so we could watch it infinitely hahaha xD
I feel like the leg armor is a bit bulky. I might make the sabatons on high heels so my legs look longer. Inaccurate, but I look so stubby :<

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@hmwsg x - My husband was next to me at his computer while I watched the video and my exact words to him were, "Oh shit! Alistair! FLEMETH! VARRIC! SWEETNESS!!!!" I had forgotten exactly which characters you guys were doing, so it was a total face-punch of awesome! XD Like Xavietta, I also wish you had been given the same screen time as some of the others.
Hahaha thank you We all worked up to the last minute on our costumes and had some parts of our stuff break xD But it was worth it! Oh and Bianca's little....arm things could pop out when he pulled a bolt back Its too bad we didn't get that on film either.
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