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Post Blazblue Rachel Alucard - skirt

Hey everyone, i kinda need help with make a skirt .///. i never made a proper skirt before and i want my Rachel cosplay to come out awesome owo now i know some people put like hoops in thier skirts but i don't want to do that o.o; i think it makes it look cheap in my mind, and i want to be able if i want when i sit down like on a flat surface that i could straighten out my skirt so makes a nice circle like this but again my lack knowlage of skirts and the amount of fabric i will have to use kinda scares me ;w; can any help me? maybe point me to a Tutorial or something ;-;


i just need to know how to make the base of the skirt >.>; the other details i can do myself

PS. i think should be under the Video Games section i've never been on the forums before and it confuses me @_@;
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