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Originally Posted by CrystalBanshee View Post
Hey all, I am new so be nice XD

Anyway, I am working on the blueprints for a latex Subject Delta helmet and drill and was wondering if anyone had any advice for me. I have worked with massive mask before but Delta takes the cake when in comes to the inside.

Does anyone have any advice I should be drawing into the plans before I cast it in clay? I know from experience latex mask = Humidity storm around your head, so does anyone have an idea on how to vent the head?
Welcome CB! I know what you mean about trying to vent a Delta mask. I added 3 computer fans to mine. The batteries to power them will be in the tanks on my back. I have one over each shoulder blowing air in onto my neck. There is a very small gap in the outside of the mask that serves at intake vents. I used the camera on top of the mask to mount the third as an exhaust fan since heat rises. I may actually be adding at least one more in the back with no outside venting, just to keep air moving. Still I am planning on losing a couple of pounds to sweating when I wear it. I have some pictures and build details on my Delta costume on my blog. Feel free to check it out if you want.

Originally Posted by xxLunacy View Post
If I could cosplay as a little sister i'd be the happiest thing on this planet. =o I wasted 190 dollars on a commission that was, to understate the fact, less than accurate. Was aiming for something close to Eleanor Lamb.. got mutant Alice in Wonderland with shoulder pads. >< When i've raised the funds I'd love to try again. And if anyone just looked at me blankly when I explained who I was, i'd thwack them over the head with my Mr. B doll.
Sorry to hear about the commission troubles. Some people just don't have a real clue. Hopefully you can make it work and if not, yeah, just reinforce your Mr. B and start wacking people. Either that or try and get the syringe prop built and that should at least frighten people enough to keep quiet.
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