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Name of Commissioner: loserific
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned: Tenshi from Touhou Project
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: Nothing recieved.

Timeline: Costume ordered and a down payment made in November 2010 for May 2011. Nothing was recieved. Sporadic email contact in the months to come... no progress or material photos (both requested) delivered until one week to deadline (at which poin the costume had only just been begun). Order cancelled in May. Refund promised in June. Refund recieved in September 2011 after a complaint to the BBB and another user's intervention.

Describe your Experience: See email transcripts at the end of this message for a taste of the timeline and style of runaround I recieved.

Pros: Ashli is a pleasant and professional person who was quite kind in the early stages and laid out quite precisely what I wanted and the materials it would be made from. Contact in the first month was daily.

Courteous, if late, in replying to complaints as well. Offered an amicable solution to the issue of non-delivery (though it was not honored until 4 months after it was offered).

Cons: No costume. Almost no contact. Promised refund not recieved until nearly one year after the deal was entered into. Lots and lots of excuses. Others had virtually identical issues and are recieving the same run-around.

Comments: I didn't recieve the item promised before the deadline requested. I didn't recieve it at all. Contact has been sketchy and promises empty.

Final Grade: 0/10 (nothing recieved, incredibly poor communication and follow-through)

Some of our email transcripts follow:

(May 15 ~ to loserific)

I recieved this email from another member of
Hopefully it will actually be read.

The last message I recieved from you:


Hello! Sorry, I did get your last message I just forgot. I'm putting on a cosplay picnic this Saturday so I've been just hoping on and off

Anywho, I bought the majority of the supplies yesterday and I plan to start sewing by the end of the week. I should have progress shots by Monday, hopefully.

Thanks for being patient and talk to you soon!


Monday = 4/18
Today's Date = 5/15
My event = 5/28

The original request/terms =
still up as they always were here -

This request was made in November... there has been more than enough time to complete it in a timely manner.

I"m leaving the country in July and have already begin shipping items home. I have no use for a costume I can't wear for the event I intended to wear it to... nor do I want pay the price to ship it to Japan only to turn around and ship it back. Even if I recieved it at this point, it would be too late to work out a wig, shoes and any adjustments I need. I can't make my event deadline now.

In light of having not received any of the promised photos on the dates promised and having recieved no evidence of work on the costume and no courtesy/update emails, I can only assume that it won't be finished on time. It's no skin off my back, provided I can receive a full refund.

Please let me know how to go about doing so.

- (kiratsukai)"

(May 17 ~ from loserific)


I am extremely sorry for my delay. I've been meaning to send you an e-mail (I went through the paypal e-mail) for about a week and a half now though I can honestly say that I have been extremely busy with work and personal issues. I am about halfway finished with the costume and hope that you would still like to go through with this even though I understand your situation. I have no problem shipping it to your home in the US. The whole costume would be ready in the first week of June. I have the shirt almost done, the skirt is about halfway through, and the apron is still being worked out. Like I said, I have had progress to show for about a week and a half now and purchased the fabric about three weeks ago, it's just been a matter of me getting the time to e-mail you.

Because of the situation, I can offer a full refund or 25% off the total order if you want the costume completed. I do hope that you choose to go through with the order though.

If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. I apologize again for my extreme delay and lack of communication. I hope that we can work something out.

Thank you and talk to you soon,


(May 19 ~ to loserific)

I had to put a bit of thought into this one.

Here's my situation: I will be moving in July after a period of a few weeks without a set residence. I'll go into another month of about the same... with no address or transportation. Having new items arrive at this point is really a HUGE hassle.

I may be willing to take the costume at the discounted rate ~if~ and only if you can provide photos of what is currently finished. That means I need a bit of honesty on your part -- if nothing is finished, great. The materials can be used for something else... If a good deal is already in progress ~ then I would feel badly sticking you with the half-completed project.

Even if I were to take the costume -- it would be another 3 months until I were able to actually recieve it at any remotely stable address and then it would likely not be worn as I have no events lined up in the USA (all my event plans were in Japan).

Level with me, let me know what is complete (without rushing to complete more last minute) and we'll talk.


-----no reply-------

(May 28, to loserific)

I would like a full refund before the end of June.

I'm taking lack of response to the previous offer as a refusal.

No more negotiations.

It isn't going to work out. I'd like my money back.

Thank you,
(kiratsukai on

Update 9/19/2011 : Ashli is actively in contact with newer customers while ignoring my emails (3 of them) and requests for refunds. BBB complaint filed along with the others. You can see her rating and file your own complaints here --

Shortly after filing this complaint and the intervention of another user on this website, I recieved my refund of 182.50 via paypal.
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