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Originally Posted by FalconW View Post
I have a question regarding the ranking system, well I think it's in relation to it as I couldn't any other thread about this question and it sort of deals with it. When competing in the divisions and the rules say that the costume must be 80% made by the wearer, how do you calculate that? In relation to that, with one of my costumes, I just want the armor judged and the rest of costume excluded, the cosplay coordinator told me that if the armor covers 80% of my body, I'm eligable. How do you calculate your body as 80%?
If you are really unsure if you meet such a requirement, my advise is to discuss it with the Cosplay Coordinator. They would best be able to help you determine if you qualify or not.

For example, let us say you made chest armor, a helmet, tunic, and sword, but purchased pants, and wig (that you did not style in any way), then I say you would qualify. The bulk of the costume was created by you. But if the ONLY thing you made was the armor and everything else was purchased and not modified in any way, then you may be on the line with things. This is where speaking to the coordinator would be most helpful.
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