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Originally Posted by Anmanda View Post
I think so yeah, that's what I've read/heard at least >A<; It might be that the story was based off the song but not the characters? I'm not so sure anymore, I tried to look into it and it seems like different sites say different things? .__. But the thing I hear/read the most is that BRS isn't related to Miku in any way ^^;
BRS OVA is based off the song BRS, and the character BRS too. The song was sang by Miku and she was depicted in the video as BRS, there is even a Black Rock Chooter fan art and video based off Hachune Miku xD and all the other Vocaloids in BRS version in fan arts and cosplays. You should see the original video and original fanart, everything was made long before the OVA by an artist called Huke and a friend of him.

I think the companies producing the BRS game and OVA want to get money with something that isn't their property, and in order to avoid being charged for copyright infraction they say "it doesn't have anything to do with Miku", when it's a blatant copy (they even copied the animation of the video song lol).

It's the danger of Vocaloid programs: people create characters, dresses, stories based off them, then a company copies everything and make a profit for themselves. I really hope they're paying Huke and his friend for this.

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