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Originally Posted by khenemetset View Post
You put this more eloquently then I was going to put it. The fact of the matter is most cosplayers are in it for the attention, the being fawned over, the people spazzing over the characters, the connection they make with other fans of said character and that's not something they're going to get at costume con.
We have a saying here in Toronto that I think sums up what many people in this thread have said nicely:

"There are Anime Fans who Costume, and then there are Costumers who are Anime Fans."

It's the latter we're appealing to in the case of Costume-Con.

Some people who start as Anime Fans don't realize initially that they would have a passion for costuming as well so it's nice when they have a venue to branch out and try other things, or discuss that particular part of their fannishness.
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