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So, after my previous experience with Cosplaywig, I decided to buy from there again... and they didn't disappoint this time either :3

Name of Merchant: Cosplaywig(eBay)
Item purchased: 1x purple, curly wig:
Links to picture(s) of your received item: None yet, but updating with them later
Timeline: Ordered on May 25, arrived today. So a little over one week, which is good from Hong Kong.
Describe your Experience:
Very good, for the most. The wig looks pretty much like the picture, so that's good... Though I haven't packed it out fully yet(waiting until I get another wig head/stand, so I have something to put it on), it feels pretty soft and nice, and it looks nice and good quality too. I also got it quickly, which is another pro about this place!
edit: I packed it out now, and it looks pretty nice and soft. The only thing is that it got a slight bit frizzy in places under transportation... but it can't really be seen from a distance anyway. However, the bad thing about this was the price... the price for the wig alone is okay, but with shipping it cost a bit more than I expected. Additionally, the ridiculously low customs limits of Norway ALSO added something to the price, but that's not really something then can help so... Other than that, it's all good, and seems to be worth the money anyway.
Pros: Fast shipping, good quality and accurate photos on website(color ect.), okay price on wig itself
Cons: Price
Final Grade: A
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