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Originally Posted by AnimeViolinist View Post
So, I bought "Sharp Shooter Lady Hawk" And "Super Master Genius Trainer"
Really nice wig, just have to move the ponytail-thing down a bit, and it would be perfect with minimal styling to the bangs. However, it's... Exxtremely hard to get it to cover the back of my neck and the area around my ears without pulling it so far down that it begins to show the hair that's pinned on my forehead.Tips? Also, it looks pretty nice on the top, but all thrown together underneath and it has a lot of fly-aways that can't be fixed. ^^;

I absolutely looove this wig. It would work perfectly for L (Death Note) and/or Sasuke, since you can style it with just your fingers really easily. I ordered it for Sebastian, so it will take a bit of styling, but not too much. It came out of the package nearly perfect. :3

Also, I ordered them the Wednesday or Thursday before Memorial Day and I got them on Tuesday the next week.
Their wigs should be adjustable. If that doesn't work, try emailing them for some tips. They're always uber helpful and eager to please. Also the wefting is usually pretty stretchable, so maybe try pulling it down a bit more than you normally would in the back?? not sure really though...sorry.

As for that other wig...I know right!! That wig is so awesome!! I use it for my L and Sebastian. I love it soooo much
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