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Hi everyone ....I didnt see this thread earlier so I made one, gomen ne...anyway I am making the Exorist uniform.

At first I wasn't sure what fabric but i wanted a firm fabric so I ended up using a black denim type fabric.i was lucky to find a similar pattern by McCall . I decided to make one that has the front side and back side parts.It shapes better and easier to modify. Its a pain putting the collars and the sleeves. Its not perfect but the basic jacket is done, just the buttons and the wrist part.
I really hate working with black material, Its hard to see the thread .

What I couldn't figure out is the belt .If It is leather or the same material as the coat because it blends with in with the outfit.I have enough material to make the belt.

What do you guys think?

I am not going to make the criss cross leather belt, coz I dont have time to make it, maybe later.

Anyway , I did saw a similar tie a while back at Ross. I wont paint it, i would use print transfer.

I only have screenshots of the school logo but they are not very clear either, i haven't seen a clear pic in the manga either.
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