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hey Mialorder that tie is perfect , hope it makes it on time.I bought one but for the meantime I will make one just in case for Anime Expo which is on July forth weekened.

Yeah the twill denim fabric worked well for the jacket but it sure is heavy and I do have a suiting fabric but I was saving it for the school unifom. Thats the next project after this.
I am going to do this with my beginner sewing friend who wants to be Rin.So I can guide her. So hopefully by then we will have a clear design of the school patch so I can embroider one.
Upcoming events:AX,
Nisei Week Parade ,
Anime California ,

I will be cosplaying all Sports Genre anime this time around.

Kuroko no Basket game shorts
Ace of Diamond Seido Team shirt
Haikyuu game uniform and team warmer
Baby Steps Ei- chans tournament shirt

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