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Since the tie is silk you can dye to bottom have black instead of painting is with thicker paint (you just have to brush the dye on.)

I also found this tie while looking for black & white striped ones.
(because you know that REN is a fine colour. )

It ships in 15-20 days so this is one you won't get ahold of in time. >__<

I'm hoping to finish a casual Rin (sand blazer) for the cosplay picnic in 3 weeks time.

This is the largest image of the cover art for volume 1 I've found.

Also the same insignia found on the ties is also on the Saya.

As for Rin's wig I wanted a Magnum from Arda wigs but the colour I wanted is out of stock in Dark Blue so I ordered this one. The bangs need to be cut but the layering in the back if already good.
Plan to dye it with black fabric dye to tint is darker subtle black blue.

On a random note: I love how the tie stripes randomly change directions in the anime and art for the anime. lol

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