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Originally Posted by liivingdeadgirl View Post
I mean in order to close the fabric you have three choices: A) you can fold up the hem and run a stitch along the edge B) you can fold the fabric in half so the stitching is only where it's attached to the dress and not on the ends C) used a rolled hem on a serger. Folding the fabric over (doubling it, essentially) probably wouldn't work because it would take a LOT of fabric, and be too heavy in the end because there are SO MANY ruffles. With big fluffy dresses you want to try and make them as light weight as possible so that they won't be super uncomfortable to wear. Casa satin (about 6-7 bucks a yard) is decent quality and though it frays it's not hard to work with, I had to use about 17 yards of it for my Euphie dress. >_< Other than satin you could try some kind of poly blend that has a satin or silk look/feel too it, though these are usually harder to work with because of the quality.
ah, thats what I thought you ment XP for ruffles I usually use option A and then use some no fray stuff to stop fraying or put some material tape over it... can you get casa satin at most fabric stores? I dont think I've seen it here in Canada at Fabricland..
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