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Originally Posted by ShinobiXikyu View Post
LOL, it seems so when I rattle off her body mods, but she's a sweethearted folk musician who's always in flowy pastels and works for city hall. XD The nose piercing REALLY suits her, too (and the tattoo was commemorative for a family death).
Yeah, I'm pretty convinced on a cartilage piercing. I just have to figure out how to wear wigs and prosthetic elf ears with one (as in, when you can take it out BUT still need to leave something in it all the time). And ear cuffs seem to do the job pretty well SO far, but they can be a pain. Lol. I've actually been thinking more about a tattoo than a piercing (not decided on that one either. I know what I'd get but dunno if I WOULD do it or not...)
Awh that's so cute. :3 That's awesome when people get tattoos like that. It's annoying seeing tattoos that people got just to get them. Oh that makes sense, I bet you could find a way to fit the wig or ears around the piercing Or you could get like, a little stub to put in there that wouldn't get in the way. A tattoo would be awesome! What would you get? My friend told me it just feels like light scratching, but I think it depends on where you get it.
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