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Originally Posted by ShinobiXikyu View Post
Yeah, I figured a small sleeper or those screw-in flat-back earrings would work to not snag on anything. My prosthetic elf ears are hollow inside, so it's more of a positioning trick than anything. Heck, if careful you can add a piercing-hole, but you need to be super precise when you line it up...
And I'd get either a pentacle with the waxing and waning crescent moons beside it (that's most likely) OR, a pentacle with a snake for the circle. Certainly something with a pentacle. And probably around my back bra-strap. Fairly private, but not invisible if I want to show it.
Oh yeah that would work too! :3 Ooo, sounds complicated. I think I'd get frustrated if I had to do that lol. I like the snake idea, that would look awesome. That seems like a good place for it. ^-^ And you can also keep a job with it there lol. D

Originally Posted by ShinobuWind View Post
I'm always confused about the sizes for stretched ears. Is it the smaller the number the more stretched?

I only have standard ear piercings. I don't wear my earrings often though..since I need to figure out what metals I need since i'm allergic to some. I used to have my cartilage pierced a long long time ago, but it got infected so I removed it. If I can figure out how it can work with elf ears, I may get it redone.
I'm not sure where, but I think I do want more piercings..not too many though. My mom thinks i'd look good with a nose piercing or my eyebrow pierced...I wanted to get my lip pierced for a while..but that may look weird on me. I think I may just get a second set of holes...XD
I think that's true until you get past 00g. Then it's fractions or something. o.o

Oh goodness yeah I can understand that. Yeah! Or you could like, put a cartilage piercing in your elf ear. :33
Nose piercings are fun. Ooo get your lip pierced! There are so many cool things you can do with that. ^-^ Lol, maybe when you get a second set you'll be addicted and want more THEN you'll get a lip piercing. D
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