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I have several tattoos and a pierced nostril; I plan on more tattoos, but am completely uninterested in any other piercings. I don't even have my ears pierced, and probably will never bother.

My younger sister is a tattoo artist, and consequently has a wide variety of tattoos, piercings, dermals, etc. She just had a transdermal removed from her face, and she's been stretching out her ears but is apparently planning to take them out and have surgery to close up the holes. A few of her tattoos have been lasered off, too-- mostly to make room for more tattoos.

Meanwhile, I have to get my nose piercing looked at. I had to swap out my jewelry a few weeks ago, and everything looks fine and normal but the site has been sore ever since I put the new stud in. It was exactly the same gauge and design as the old one, too, and I'm just hoping it's not infected.

Remind me never to take out my jewelry when I'm pregnant again. NOT WORTH THE HASSLE.

ETA: If you have a piercing that's already infected, you MAY be able to clear it up with Neosporin or another topical antibiotic ointment if it's a very minor infection. If it's really troublesome, though, you'll probably need to take oral antibiotics. Soap and water won't do the trick, nor will alcohol.
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