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Name of Commissioner: qqcosplay
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned: my OC Tiger Tunic
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:

Timeline: Ordered in April 6 and got it around June 3 2011.
Describe your Experience: Good, he answered my questions.
Pros: good quality items. Items were well packaged.

Cons: The next month in may I emailed them like four times telling them I needed the Tunic before the end of the month after emailing them the foruth time and telling them i was going to pull my money from paypal they finally emailed me back and told me what was going on, I told them they needed to be better at getting back to people before they go about telling them they want there money back. That was my only trouble with them.
Comments: He's friendly, I enjoyed working with them.

Final Grade: A
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