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Name of Commissioner: D-JENN/shoshanna2003
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game Aaeru from Simoun- her Sibylla pilot outfit. Basic outfit was commissioned, not wig or boots. Outfit included: jacket, bottoms, white shirt, and pink skirt.
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: and
Timeline (how long your order took to process): From agreement on 3/18/11 to received on 6/9/11. I merely wanted the costume in the beginning of June.
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments. I first placed an ad for this costume in the marketplace specifically requesting someone that was skilled in faux leather/vinyl type materials, as it was necessary for the jacket. D-JENN responded first and though she had no feedback here, her etsy account had plenty of feedback for the clothing she made and custom outfits she had designed. She was more than happy to send me examples of costumes using this particular type of material.

Once I decided to go with her, I sent payment and measurements. She made sure to ask questions about anything necessary, and then things went quiet for a few weeks. I did not expect her to start on my costume right away, but she easily did the shirt and skirt. For the shirt, she communicated with me about the triangles around the collar and the possible issues they presented, ie fraying if not done right. She decided to do them separately and then attach to the collar so that this issue wouldn't occur. By the end of May, she said the rest was finished and took pictures. I spotted that she hadn't done the gloves for the left hand. She asked if it was okay for her to keep the outfit and finish the gloves because she would need more material. I told her no problem.

She had the costume finished by the beginning of June and shipped it off to me. There were issues with UPS because she had sent it signature required, so they wouldn't leave it unless I was here. I'm a teacher, so that was difficult, but I finally got my costume in the end, and she said she wouldn't do signature in the future if it was my request.

Pulling the costume out of the box, there are many pieces. The skirt, shirt, jacket, dark blue pants, and then separate leggings with suspender ends. The right sleeve of the jacket is not attached and then the glove piece for the left arm is also not attached. Everything is lined and appears well stitched. My favorite part was the leggings with the suspender straps. She had followed the settai I had sent her, which had the character design. The suspender strap is meant to attach to the bra in the artwork, and she did just that, which made me very pleased. You'll notice the light blue color on the jacket is different on my costume because she simply could not find that color. I've seen costumes that have used this darker version, so it was okay by me.

The only flaw the outfit had was that on the left glove, the pinkie finger is sewn too small and cuts off circulation. I mentioned this to her yesterday and she's redoing that part, free of charge. She simply made sure of my deadline for needing the outfit. It's not a terrible thing because one can simply pull up on that part of the glove when not needing it for photos.

I'm definitely using this commissioner again for another outfit of this character's in the future. She met and exceeded my expectations and was well worth the cost. It was a complete difference from past experiences. She was always in contact and double checking things. If you're on a budget, she's probably not the commissioner for you. She's not a cheap commissioner by far. I knew this upfront, and was more than happy to pay to get the costume I'd wanted for the longest time. If you're looking for someone specializing in these fabrics, she's definitely one to go to.
Final Grade: A, only because of the left glove or it'd be A+
Con & Cosplay List
Otakon 2012
Aaeru (Simoun): original pilot (Saturday), Sibylla priestess (Friday), & Simoun pilot (Friday)
Illysaviel (Fs/n): casual wear (Saturday; photoshoot only)

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