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Originally Posted by kitsch_brigade View Post
I was thinking of doing Yukio or Bon for Kumoricon, but I think I've pretty much settled on Bon. I like Yukio's outfit, but I'm more fond of Bon as a character.

I'd have to get some extra ear piercings to be reallly accurate, but his earrings keep changing from picture to picture, so I'm just going to go with what I can find (probably at claire's XD).
Most of his piercing are cuffs in the cartilage area so don't go crazy with them unless you want permanent holes for at least 2 years and a lot of initial pain.

For his hair if you have the right length and shade of brown you can use this product after styling the stripe to paint on the yellow. I works best with stiff styled hair.

Color Archive I've seen it on ebay 6216 6216

The do have the character sketches for the show.

The bullet holster looks like a barbers apron with a ton of loops sewn on.

Go a question for everyone doing Rin ~ how would you tie the flat gold/yellow cord on his saya (sheath)?

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