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I like that that Dark brown colour: liivingdeadgirl

My Rin wig is came with super fast shipping it's at the post office now. ^__^ I don't get wig in a weeks time to Canada but it's helps that Epic Cosplay Wigs is located in California at one of the international hubs.

I ended up getting this one instead because layered one was still sold out.

It's not that dark but is is this blended colour seen in the layered wig.

I'm planning to dye it in a Dylon fabric dye bath to get it darker with the pure black they have.

With the wig I have enough to cosplay Rin on the 25th. Fangs, Wookie ears (on sale during halloween I pick these up just for a whenever need), white belt like his from a dollar-store. I making his tail out of fleece and belt chain out of clay if I can't find good beads to work with.

Also try to make fire horns out of the white and blue organza I picked up first to see how they go.

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