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Originally Posted by Ani_BEE View Post
Yeah I have alot of work to add layers to the bob I got.

That is an excellent Rin wig, it probably be to small on me unfortunately but the layering is perfect and the colour is a nice off black with blue. ^_^
I was in awe...I was NOT expecting to find something that perfect. Cause I bought it as a b-day present so I didn't want her to have to style it a bunch (cause I can't cut/style a wig to save my life - I fail so hard. I always make other people do it). So all she has to do to this one is trim it.....along with my Yukio wig. =D

I like the color on yours though. I like that you also did the blue, so many people just do black for both of them. But you can tell that they're a super dark blue and brown, cause their uniforms are black and there is a definite contrast between them. ^_^
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