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Originally Posted by Andserkiel View Post
and the jacket itself... It was terrible. I would be embarrassed to wear it in the state it was in so I had to spend a lot of time trying to make it somewhat acceptable. I emailed to complain and because they owe me a refund for the shipping but as expected have heard nothing back.
I'm sorry to hear this. Sounds like they did a rush job on it =/ This is where I got my first commissions from of Claire's jacket, the denim and the pleater/matte ones, and they turned out pretty well for me. They looked good anyway. Though I can see where you're coming from. I think they did a rush job on my Rinoa duster as well. When I started confronting them more about where my Rinoa duster was (being as I saw they were making everyone elses on ebay that had bought after I bought from their website) they said, "Oh, apparently yours got lost, we'll make another." and I did finally receive one, but I don't think it's made as well. It just seems so thin.

Originally Posted by Lelana View Post
I wouldn't commission from them.. not now that is. Seems they can't do anything right at the moment and even seems like they're just 'stealing' money. I commissioned from them in February (just some Rinoa deluxe duster fabric so no costume had to be made). I still haven't gotten anything but we payed them in February (you can't say they're delayed because the costume isn't finished, so something is definitely fishy).

Anyway don't count on paypal to help you, they only have a short period of time in which you can enter a complaint. Call your bank, they usually have a 3 month policy. I called them three weeks ago and got a call yesterday that they're paying everything back *phew*. So I would stop waiting for your package to arrive and try to get your money back asap.

I'm never going to buy something from them again, definitely.
Same here. They were reliable in the past, but it doesn't seem they are anymore for whatever reason. I definitely will not be buying from them again. I'm glad we could bring this to everyone's attention.
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