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Originally Posted by brucer007 View Post
I would like to build on your ideas about holding a camera steady:

Regarding breathing: I choose to hold my breath when I use very slow shutter speeds, like 1/8th, 1/15, 1/30th, etc. If I breathe when I press the shutter, my body will move more than if I hold my breath during the moment of clicking the shutter. Breathing makes my chest move. I can't afford any extra movement when I use slow shutter speeds. After I take the photo, I breathe in between shots. This works much better for me.
Back before I ever picked up a camera, I was taught to never hold my breath. Of course, I was shooting an M-16 instead of a Canon but I believe this rule still applies. At least for me. When I hold my breath, my body still moves as my heart beats and the blood pulses thru my body. Instead, I was was taught to take a deep breath then slowly release my breath as I gently pulled the trigger. Also, try not to jerk the trigger. Just slowly pull the trigger till the shot fires off. Jerking can also be the cause of camera shake. I have an expert ribbon in marksmanship.
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