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Name of Commissioner : Foxas

Website/ gallery : Foxas I wont be giving her deviantart, unless someone PM-ed me.

Character commissioned and series/video game : Esther Blanchett White Nun version, WHOLE (Accessories and shipping) except wigs and boots.

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item : none...

Timeline (how long your order took to process) : From what I remembered it was about May 4-5th to June 1st, then to June 8th, then to nothing.

Pros? : She's nice at communicating. She replies every 30 minutes to 1hour when I was about to commission her. But slow in respond after getting your money.. About 1-2 msg per day, to 1 msg every 3-4 days then 1 msg every week, then nothing...

Cons? : No costume? She couldn't finish the costume in time, according to her it didn't dry off as fast as she thought it would be. Then she hardly replies...

Comments : It's for A-Kon 2011, June 10th

After seeing the time frame, I'm pretty sure there are many good commissioners out there can't make this costume by the time frame. But it was different with Foxas. She told me she could make it, even I, as the commissionee, worried about her not able to finish the costume.

Yes, finally, she couldn't finish the costume in time. The dead line was originally 1st June, but she asked for 3-4th June after having gotten my first payment. Yes, I agreed to have postponed it to that, because I know it's not easy to have that done within the time frame. However, on 3-4th June, her message was that it's " coming along great"? So what happened with shipping it on that day?
No answer.
8th June, one more reply, saying that she couldn't make it in time because the silk screening isn't dryin off as fast as she thought it should..
Initially, I don't mind her not able to make it for me for my convention, however, the problem lies with her communication. I admit, I am part to blame because I was constantly emailing her asking for progress pics (which she PROMISED to show me before I paid) by the deadline, I started worrying and the emails to her are getting more frequent.. from 1 email per 3-4 days, to 1 email a day as it reached 8th June.

She has no reply even after I have opened a dispute in Paypal. I am expecting the refund back. I opened the dispute, about June 9th (if i'm not wrong) but she has no reply at all..

I am not even sure if she had really done my costume. I personally do not really mind if she made it and is gonna ship the costume to me, but the problem is she NEVER answers me at all.. I was trying to be nice telling her that I wouldn't wan the costume to be wasted just because she can't make it in time... but no, I can't get a hold of her, which is really problematic.. I couldn't let this delayed any longer than 45 days because by then I wont be able to get my refunds back..

She may or may not reply to this, but I have got all the PMs and Emails proof that if she was to deny of what I have said, I will definitely post up the emails and PMs..

To Foxas, if you ever read this review, if you would like me to change it, I could, please reply me.. (and no more missing packages which I heard from other ppl that commissioned from you. That is, I wished that you would use USPS with confirmation number to send the package to me, which I really do hope it's not lost somewhere in middle of United States of America. )

Editted ( June 22nd) - She is still not sending the costume, however I got the refund. which is good.. she also suggested that i could pay her again if i like the costume after seeing the progress pics she said she'd send to me.. soon..

Final Grade:

I am not saying that she's a scammer, she probably isn't ( I hope), but this is what happened to me... ) She's just not the commissioner I'll considered in the future at all..

I guess I am just bad luck (reallllly bad luck) with lookin for commissioners..
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