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Originally Posted by liivingdeadgirl View Post

And I free handed the pin, so I have no idea. I just did it with a reference picture in front of me and kept holding it up to my chest in a mirror to see if it was the right size. >_<
So it is around 2.5 inches or 3 inches?

I guess it doesn't matter too much as long as the proportion works.

About those buttons, I went to to fabric district to get a bunch and you can get the same design with smaller size for the cuffs.I was really looking hard for a cross designed button everywhere but I didn't see any because I though I saw an illustration on it.

And about those strap, those are indeed nylon webbing.

I also own 2 shinai bag ,for my bokken, for my bo and jo when I use to go to class. Rin's bag has a nice white prints of a flower design over red.
Most shinai bag is made of cotton and is reinforced on the bottom.The opening is on the side.

I found this shinai bag pattern
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