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[quote=iaShakezula;3998927][color="Navy"]So it is around 2.5 inches or 3 inches?

I guess it doesn't matter too much as long as the proportion works.

Most shinai bag is made of cotton and is reinforced on the bottom.The opening is on the side.[quote]

I think its only like 1.5 across and a total length of maybe 4 inches long? I can measure it when I get home. I think the size of the pin is going to depend on the size of the person. Some of my itty bitty friends might look funny in my badge, so I think it just matters to try and get the proportions right. *nods*

Speaking of the badge, I'm going to start molding it tonight. I plan to make a silicon mold and then cast it out of resin. I left the four parts where the color go hollowed out because after I paint it I'm going to mix a blue and a red resin to pour into the hollowed out parts so it doesn't just look like I painted the outside of the whole thing. I will make sure I take progress pictures. =D
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