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Ani_BEE, I appreciate the warning. I can't believe people getting piercings for cosplay! I guess I can.... but ouch. Unless you already wanted it, seems a bit crazy.

liivingdeadgirl, Looks and sounds like your costumes are making soom serious and lovely progress. I really like the idea of resin for the blue and red parts of the pin, the painted on part kept bothering me in pictures.

I went to Goodwill today, because I honestly just don't feel like making another pair of slacks. So I bought a nice pair of Banana Republic men's pants for only $4!! Since it was cheaper than fabric, I felt a lot better about not making them XD I still plan on making the jacket though, so let's hope I can match the fabric. If not I guess it was only four dollars and I'll just make the stupid pants.
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