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First Update

First update!

I converted my dining room into a studio, and it is super exciting. I went out also and bought a few basic art supplies a few days ago and sat down to figure out a few things. First and foremost, I needed to figure out how much leather was necessary. So I began to make a template, estimating sizes based on ratio.

The cardboard template:

Aand fitted on me.

Clearly I need to bulk up in the pecs a bit more, and start tanning - good thing that the weather is warmer!.

Last night I spent about 4 hours cutting the template out of the Leather that I had bought during lunch, and experimented with attaching the pieces to the supporting belts. I've still got to punch all the holes out of it though, and that will be handled this weekend.

Finally I also bought some basswood and laminated birch plywood to experiment with for developing the knives. Initially I had thought to construct it with wood, then coat with resin for a smooth finish, but I think at this point this will be a template for a resin cast - that way I can weight it evenly when I cast, as well as utilize clay/bondo/epoxy/polyurethane to make a super smooth surface.

lhoward - Thanks! I'm totally psyched for it now

Rose - Thanks! I like getting meticulous with projects sometimes. As I speak a fair amount of Na'vi I'm not too too worried about the difficulty of learning a bit of Dothraki. It would appear that there are very few people learning it to begin with so I won't have to worry about knowing any more than simple responses.

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