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Name of Merchant: JENNIFER cosplay


Item purchased
: 1 Len Kagamine wig, 1 Rin Kagamine wig

Links to picture(s) of your received item
Len wig (in natural lighting)
Rin wig (also in natural lighting)

(lol and please excuse my expressions and messy bathroom
alsooo, the len pic shown above was after I styled it...yeah forgot to take pictures before aha)

Timeline: Wigs came a day or two after the approximate time, which wasn't such a big deal because I wasn't in a hurry to receive them.

Pros: Both wigs look exactly like the picture given. I love love love the Rin wig because it's really light (in comparison to Len's, but that's expected). Though the color isn't very natural looking, it's not super bright yellow or anything, which is good.

Cons: None that I can think of. The only thing is that I had to style it and cut the bangs, but that's a given because almost all wigs are bought unstyled. The Len's wig was already in a ponytail though, which was good.

On a side note, do NOT untie the ponytail on Len's wig! Or any wig with a ponytail already, in that case.
Absolute chaos and a pain in the butt to retie it again and again.

Comments: Personally, I would buy a lighter, more natural and blonde wig, but the blame is on my part, not the seller's. It was exactly as written and I would (and actually just placed another order a while back) definitely buy from them again.

Final Grade: A+
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