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Talking A Small Message!

Hey all! Just thought I'd leave a few notes since the gathering is vastly approaching!

Date - - June 24th (Friday)
Location - - Apollo Community Regional Park (Lancaster, California)
Address - - 4555 West Avenue G
Lancaster, CA 93534
Time - - Noon to 5pm
Host - - Assiduity
Co-Hosting - - AVAC

Other Important Information:
- Follow some signs that say "Gathering!" They'll be pointing in the direction the playground location part we'll be at!
- Games will be played, such as Red Rover and maybe Red Light - Green Light!
- Cosplays are allowed big time, but aren't required at all!
- This is a potluck; You must bring some item of food!!
- Planning on getting a large group photo at 3:30pm! Again, no cosplay is required so anyone can jump on into the photo!

Other than that, nothing more!
Looking forward to this!

I plan on actually having my camera this time to get some pictures!

Hope to see some new and familiar faces!
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