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The "What fabric should I use?" Suggestion Thread


So I noticed that a lot of people come in and ask for suggestions of fabric choice. I am one of them! I also noticed that there wasn't a thread like the Suggestions thread, where someone can give a few reference pictures and ask for help and then the people respond. I think it would be more helpful for everyone if its all in a neat thread so that if your looking for help on a costume, you can see if its already been posted and helped. Does this seem like a bad idea? I'm hoping not, I'm hoping it will make everyone who is so helpful jobs easier. So instead of answering the same question like 50 times, you can answer it once and in more detail!

Anyways! I do have a question so I guess I'll start us off.

Reference picture 1
Reference picture 2
Reference picture 3
Reference picture 4

I am making this costume for Dragon*Con in September. I'm pretty sure I'll make the pink overdress out of a nicer cotton. But I'm a little confused on the petticoats. I would like it to be very fluffy so I immidiatly though tulle, but I would like to avoid the sheer look of tulle. because it doesn't work with the outfit's look. Do you think I should just add some lace to the end of the tulle or use a different fabric? Also any suggestions on what fabric to make the under shirt out of?

Thanks so much!
I hope this thread helps someone!
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