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Originally Posted by tsukeru View Post
One last question too about Yukio. What color do you think his hair is? I'm seeing alot of wigs pop on ebay that are totally not black. I always assumed it was black. I've seen alot that are brown or even purple for Yukio. I know some people tag wigs whatever they think may get them to sell it, but has anyone found a good Yukio wig?
Personally I think it's brown. I'm going by the anime coloring and I have screencapped a bunch of it. You can clearly see that his hair brown because when he has his uniform on it is clearly lighter, as the uniform is black. Same for Rin with his weird blue tint. It's a DARK brown, but brown nonetheless.

@Shakezula - I'm a huge procrastinor though, so I shall try but we will see lol. And I know the con rules say no airsoft guns so I just paint over the orange tip and plug up the barrels with hot glue and a dowel rod so the gun can't be fired. I've never had a problem with that before, though that's not to say you won't get some anal staffer who will object. I staff most conventions I attend and KNOW a lot of staff so I've never really had a problem, but sometimes safe is better than sorry. =D
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