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Originally Posted by Ani_BEE View Post
You can also push back the plug so that it' recessed so that it still looks good in photo's.

I've dyed my wig in FW ink last night. We'll see how dark it got once it's completely dried. It alway looks perfect when wet but it does lighten once dry.

Also giving my Rin tail a furry tip, Kazue Kato draws it really stylized but you can see the long flyaways on it. I JUST had enough black fur left over from the kitsune tail and 2 sets of ears to pull that off. We'll see how it looks once I've sew the 7 segments together. Otherwise I'll make it out of the same fleece as the length of the tail.

I hope the wig comes out nice for you!

And how did you attach your tail? Make it snap to the pants?

I made an appt with the local leather shop to go out there sunday and get some help. I'm making my Yukio holsters in real leather and I've made belts and simple stuff before but never a holster, and I don't really have the equipment anyways so they are going to help me. =D
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